The Most Important Metrics

“What are the most important metrics to look at?”

this is the question that constantly been asked by call center managers. They love to make decisions from numbers, but in the same time afraid that there decisions were made based on inaccurate or the wrong type of metrics. So, What are the most important metrics to look at? And what’s the best way to look at them?

People in Dell believe that,

“it’s always cheaper to solve a problem in the first call than to try to do it in multiple calls.”

With that on hold, Dell told agents to focus on solving customer problems rather than the length of time they spent on calls. Not surprisingly, the average time of a technical support call increased from 22 minutes to 32 minutes. But the number of incidents resolved on the first call rose from 44 percent to 54 percent. In the same time, customer satisfaction rate increased. Now days company tends to focus on average handle time because it’s easy to measure and to tie directly to call center costs, but Dell shows them there’s another way: to measure cost per resolution instead of cost per call.

“It’s all about to find the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness in the call center.” Said Dick Hunter, the former VP of global consumer support services. At the same time people also need to have a right way to find the right metrics. “You need to look at the metrics in real time, not days later, and definitely not weeks later.” Managers want to have solid accurate metrics on time to make the fastest decision possible when they’re facing crisis. When technical support call length increases and resolutions decreases, it’s too late to analyze in next week’s weekly conference, a manager needs to make decision right now to try to set things back to normal again. Again, it’s all about to find the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness. If you are a manager, you need to know what are the most important metrics to look at, and also what’s the best way to look at them.


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