ClearView: Revolutionary Metric Software for Customer Relationship Management.

The essence of the information technology revolution and, in particular, the World Wide Web is the opportunity to build better relationships with customers than has been previously possible in the off-line world. By combining the abilities to respond directly to customer requests and to provide the customer with a highly interactive, customized experience, companies have a greater ability today to establish, nurture, and sustain long-term customer relationships than ever before. The ultimate goal is to transform these relationships into greater profitability by increasing repeat purchase rates and reducing customer acquisition costs.

Indeed, this revolution in customer relationship management or CRM as it is called, has been referred to as the new “mantra” of marketing.

Numbers are the life blood of contact centers, customer care centers and call centers. Most call centers of any size depend heavily on performance metrics to measure how efficiently they are running and how well they are meeting the company’s and the customers’ needs.

But while call center software produces a slew of metrics, most of them are very low-level. The paradox of these measurements is that while they’re useful for managing the call center, they don’t do much to advance the customer relationship or further the purpose of the call center.

ClearView will disparate sources into a shared and central system of record and deliver a real-time, holistic view of the customer relationship to contact center agents or other customer facing staff. A holistic view of a single customer relationship, as well as visibility into customers grouped by region, type, affinity or other segmentation, permits call centers to track key performance indicators and operational metrics which are much more customer relevant and more in alignment with the company’s market, revenue, and customer strategy objectives. Giving the CSR the customer’s complete history for example, not only provides opportunities to better satisfy the customer, it can also substantially reduce the average time per call because the customer doesn’t have to bring the CSR up to speed on purchase history, outstanding incidents, or prior interactions.

Clearview will change the way the industry views customer relationship management. Below is a demo of ClearView, see for yourself how you can realize the untapped potential of your customer support. Focus Services has been dedicated to transparency and accountability to all their clients, the launch of ClearView not only exemplifies this mission, but gives their client’s insight to their campaigns they have never had before and can only get from ClearView.

Video Demo

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